Marcel Proust‘s Questionnaire On a personal note

"Tell me what you love, and I’ll tell you who you are!” Anne-Sophie Mutter answered Marcel Proust's questionnaire with utmost candor.

My most important character attribute

I am an optimist, and idealist.

The quality that I like to see in a man

Intuition, sensitivity, humor, a strong will, energy

The most important quality in a woman

Sensitivity, the strength to enjoy life in all of its facets.

Your friends’ most important qualities

The genuineness of their friendship

My greatest weakness

Impatience (but I seldom show it)

My favorite pastime

Spending time with my children

My dream of happiness

That’s my secret!

What would be the biggest tragedy for me?

To be a bad mother.

What I would like to be

I’m getting there…

The country where I would like to live

Where I live now: Germany and Austria

Favorite color


Favorite flower

Lilly of the valley

Favorite bird


Favorite author

Oscar Wilde, W. Somerset Maugham, Thomas Mann, A. Tschechow, Heinrich Böll

Favorite poet

Rainer Maria Rilke, Homer, Else Lasker-Schüler

Favorite literary hero


Favorite literary heroine


Favorite composer

Everyone I play

Favorite painter

Paul Klee, Franz Marc, W. Kandinsky, Gotthard Graubner

My heroes in real life

The Dalai Lama and all champions of human rights.

My historical hero/heroine

Mozart, Gandhi, Mother Theresa.

Favorite name

Arabella, Richard, the names of my children.

What I hate the most

Religious fanaticism

Historical personalities whom I despise most

Hitler, Stalin.

Military deed that I admire most


The reform that I admire most

All of those that have not yet been completed: equality for women, abolition of racial separation, ban on child labor.

Natural talent that I would like to have

To be able to wave a magic wand and have nuclear weapons and powerplants that threaten our planet disappear

How I would like to die

Without noticing a thing

Current spiritual orientation

A life without music is a life in error.

The fault for which I have the greatest tolerance.

Those that arise from deep love, because these are not real faults.

My motto

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.” (William Blake)

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