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Erster TV-Auftritt im SDR
Released on 01. January 1972
RAI Prisma (I). 01.11.1986 (1:34 min).
Released on 01. November 1986
Live in peking/Beijing: Hi-Fi Magazine China, 01.01.1988 (1:48 min)
Released on 01. January 1988
Japan Recital (by Columbia Artists Management Inc., 2:30 min)
Released on 01. January 1989
"Musik ist wie eine Droge". DRS die matinee (CH), 12.04.1992 (1:10 min)
Released on 12. April 1992
Uraufführung Metamorphosen: MDR Musiksommer (D), 24.06.1995 (1:52 min)
Released on 24. June 1995
Anne-Sophie Mutter: Rihm/Currier Trailer
Released on 16. August 2011
Brahms-Video mit Lambert Orkis
Released on 16. August 2011

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