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Music moves one only when it tells a story. I am looking for budding storytellers! - Anne-Sophie Mutter

The Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation supports exceptionally talented young violin, viola, cello and contrabass soloists. Scholarship recipients are personally selected by Anne-Sophie Mutter. She is assisted by an artistic council consisting of cellist Lynn Harrell. There is no competition for acceptance to the scholarship program. Applications are accepted all year round and are evaluated as soon as possible.

Those who are pursuing a career as a soloist and would like to receive support from the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation should send the following items to the address below:

  • a current video tape or DVD preferably with with pieces of J.S Bach, W. Mozart and L. v. Beethoven

  • an artistic curriculum vitae

  • a current letter of recommendation from the instructor

  • a current repertoire and list of concerts performed

  • a personal letter with a brief description of the applicant's plans:

Anne-Sophie Mutter Stiftung
Ismaninger Straße 75 D 81675 Munich
Tel. +49 89 - 98 10 45-79 Fax +49 89 - 98 10 45-78
E-Mail: Stiftung(at)

Anne-Sophie Mutter will personally select candidates for a personal performance based on the materials submitted. Those who are granted scholarship assistance will receive support based his or her individual needs. "I think it is more productive to provide each promising young musician with what he or she really needs rather than to subject them to inflexible programs with fixed rules," explains Anne-Sophie Mutter.

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